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Destination Weddings

Yes, it's your wedding and weddings have become more customized to individual styles. What if your wedding style doesnt fit where you live? Then its time for a destination wedding

Allusion travel can help you find that style for your incredible destination wedding! (destination doesn’t necessarily mean exoctic)

One reason destination weddings are becoming more popular is because they allow the bride and groom more opportunity to truly interact with their guests over a longer event. This way you can spend more time with that favorite relative.

The average number of guests at a traditional wedding is 140. The average number of guests at a destination wedding about 48 this is a great way to filter out colleagues and acquaintances and even certain relatives.

Destination weddings have local customs that will infuse a bit of cultural flavor into your day it will

Destination weddings are the great geographical equalizer because they take place in a neutral spot

 Allusion Travel will work as your agent with no upfront fees.